Friday, November 5, 2010


This may be a long post...

A few months ago, Nate Dawg and I talked with our friends Katy and Robert about going to the Smoky Mountains. We haven't been there since we've lived in TN, and now that we're moving away we're wanting to go. Of course. Well, we were supposed to go this wknd. When we go out of town, Katy and Robert watch Norman. When they go out of town, we watch their 2 yorkies, Aly and Aiden. Since the 4 of us were going somewhere together, we had to find a hotel that took dogs.

I guess this is a busy wknd in the Smoky Mountains, bc we couldn't find anything. So, we thought about going to Chattanooga and doing some stuff there. Blah blah blah, Nate Dawg's couldn't come into town this weekend, blah blah blah. So Katy and Robert were still going to go. I told them I would watch their dogs.

That was my first mistake. We're trying to sell our house here in TN, so I can move back in with my husband in Oklahoma. So they drop the dogs off yesterday. Last night, I get a call that we have a showing Friday morning from 9:45-10:45. I already had Friday off bc we were supposed to go somewhere, so it wasn't a big deal.

I get up this morning, remember that the plumber is supposed to come at 8:30 bc I've messed up the toilet again, and I start cleaning and what not. 9:45 I'm trying to move the gigantic crate that the two tiny yorkies share into the garage. I run into the wall, food and water go everywhere. I start yelling.


When Morgan yells, that forces yorkies to hide. I couldn't find the dadgum dogs. I'm freakin' out because it's 9:45, there's dog food and water all over the place, and I'm supposed to be out of here. When I get upset like that, Norman always tries to make it better. So I have him following me around trying to make me calm down and just pet him. And when I start petting him, he sits all comfy on my feet, then falls to the ground. Adorable, but I'm still stressed. So I get a towel, clean up all the crap I spilled, grab Norman's leash and shake it. The sound of his tags on his collar (attached to the leash. Norman doesn't wear a collar in the house), gets the yorkies attention. They come running down the stairs. I get everyone loaded up.

I end up being so stressed that I don't leave the house until 9:55. That was ok bc the realtor wasn't here yet. I start backing out of the driveway, then I see that one light in the house is not on. I stop the car, put it in park, tell the dogs I'll be back, and race into the house. The light that I thought was off is actually on. But I knew something wasn't right. So I go back outside, start to shut the garage door, then realize that I left the rugs in the dryer. I like to fluff the bathroom rugs before someone comes to look at the house. So I open the garage door again, race inside, grab them out of the dryer, run upstairs, put them down perfectly on the bathroom floors, then run back downstairs, outside, and into the car.

I figure all is well in the world. Wrong.

I run some errands with the dogs; get gas, go to Starbucks, drive around and look at houses. By 10:45 the people haven't showed up. So I figure they're no shows. No biggie. So I go inside, move all the crap back in that I took out. Dog food stand, dog cage, bags of crap I don't have anywhere to put. Ya know, stuff like that. So at 10:55 I start a load of laundry and start living my life again. 10:57 the dogs start barking.


Guess who decided to show up late to look at the house? Oh yes. I had already turned off all the lights, turned off the mood music, shut the bedroom doors upstairs. I start throwing crap back in my car. Try to get the dogs to get in the car. I open the front door and apologize to the realtor. I said, "I'm sorry, I thought y'all were supposed to be here by 10:45. We will be out of here in a minute. I also just started a load of laundry." So I run into the garage and realize Aly, one of the yorkies, isn't with us. Dadgum dog won't come out of the house. So I have to go back in, pick him and and throw him in the car.

I get all situated, open the garage door, and the realtor is parked right behind me. So I can't leave. I am just sitting in my car in the garage with 3 dogs.


Then the folks come into the garage. Our bonus room (man cave) is above the garage. So I'm  trying not to make eye contact with them as they walk up there. So like 10 minutes later, they walk outside. The realtor comes into the garage, I open my door and she starts apologizing. I said, "Oh no, that's fine..." As I say that, all 3 dogs start barking. She can't hear me. So I nod and shut my door.


I hope those people make an offer on our house, but I don't think it will happen.

Really realtor lady???!!! You can tell the 3rd party company that schedules the showings a 2 hr time period that you may come see the house. But you said 9:45-10:45 and you show up afterwards. All you had to do was call the 3rd party company and say you're running late. Then they would've called me and everything would've been fine. But ya didn't.

I was so upset. I called my mom, Nate's mom, my bff, and no one would answer. So I called Nate. At work.


I start off, "Are you busy..." as I'm sniffling. I tell him everything and he said he was sorry and he wishes he could be there with me blah blah blah. Doesn't make me feel better. So I get ahold of my mom. And she just laughs. It wasn't a chuckle. It was a very loud laugh, almost a cackle. And that makes me laugh. So we both sat there and laughed on the phone for a while.

And now I feel better.


This has been Really!?! with Seth & Amy Morgan.

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Erin said...

O Mo! I'm sorry you had a ReAlLy moment and all by yourself. I can totally relate. I have those moments when Lee has drills or training. So glad your mommy helps you laugh it off. Can you imagine if those dogs were kids?! Ha!