Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

Yeah yeah yeah. I know it's Sunday.

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done was umm...probably buying the house that we're in at the moment. We came out here the first wknd of May 2009 to look at houses. We looked at 14 the first day we were here. We went back to TX, talked about the houses, blah blah blah, and closed by the end of May. We got here on Thursday May 28 and closed on Friday May 29.

2. The best gift I've ever received was my grandmother's Bible. My grandma passed away my senior year of high school. She carried the same Bible for a looong time. The cover was all torn up and she had all sorts of things written and underlined inside. At Christmas we do white elephant or dirty santa. One year when we did White Elephant. So we had to bring something that we already owned, or we could buy something for $10 or less. My Uncle JR picked my name and he had her Bible recovered for me. Anytime I need inspiration, I can open it up and find scriptures that my Grandma had underlined or just look at her writing. Still brings tears to my eyes.

3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was when Nate Dawg proposed. Here's the story:
I was a senior at OU and we had just had our 2 yr. anniversary. He lived in Dallas because he had already graduated and was a grown up. We got to see each other every wknd, taking turns making the 3 hour drive between Norman and Dallas. One wknd, we weren't going to be able to see each other. He had to work and it was Dad's Day at OU, so my parents were coming in town. So Thursday night, I was about to be on my period and so was my roommate. We were both super moody, so it was best we didn't go out to a bar. We went to 7-11 and stocked up on candy and came back to the house and watched TV and ate. (I know, I know.) Nate Dawg said he was meeting up with our friend Miah (Jeremiah) for happy house. So he's texting me and it's all misspelled, but sweet texts. I thought he was drunk. Between bites of ice cream, I kept checking my phone. He said, "If I got down on my knee and asked you to marry me right now, would you say yes?" I checked it and I told my roommate, "OMG, how adorable. Look what he said." Right then the doorbell rang. The doors to the outside in that house had to be locked/unlocked with a key from the inside. So I'm trying to find my keys, Katie is trying to find hers. I get mine and she goes to look out the window to see who it was. I flipped on the outside light and she sees who it is and screams. I unlocked the door, saw Nate Dawg on his knee on my front porch and I'm in pj's and house shoes and I start falling backwards. Wood floors + house shoes = Morgan hits the floor. I was so, so surprised. And he wasn't drunk :)

4. I can't leave the house without my phone.

5. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because  I generally feel relaxed, but I'm still able to get stuff done. Sundays are tough because some things don't open until later in the day, if they're open at all.

6. Something that can always make me laugh is Nate Dawg. He's a someone, not a something. But he is hilarious.

7. My perfect day would include an all inclusive vacation in St. Thomas. We went there for our honeymoon and it was awesome. We need to go back. 

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Morgan, I love that you have your grandma's bible! It seriously brought tears to my eyes just reading this! She was so sweet!!