Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I don't mean to brag or anything...
but it's Friday. And I'm actually fillin this sucker out on Friday.
Morgan CAN follow directions!

1.   My Thanksgiving plans this year will include I honestly have no idea. We're not sure if we'll be back in OK yet. Or if we'll go to Atlanta and see my brother before he leaves for Iraq. I just know the movers are gettin our stuff out of the house on Wednesday and then we're goin somewhere. Hell, we may end up spending Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel in Tulsa. We have no idea.

2.  My favorite Thanksgiving was 2007. It was the first Thanksgiving Nate and I hosted at our house in TX. Lots of family came. We had like 20 people in our house. We were in charge of the turkeys. And it was great.

3.  My signature Thanksgiving dish is umm...pumpkin custard pies. It's ONLY my signature dish bc Nate made it my signature dish. I don't know if your husbands have these "traditions" or so they call them, where some woman in their life (mom, gma, aunt, neighbor) makes this certain thing every year, and then you are forced to make it. This is the most difficult pie in the world, but it is delicious. I don't put all of the pumpkin custard in there bc I generally eat about 1/4 of it while making. And I don't feel bad about it for a second. BUT, I am only required to make it once a year. Yay me?

4.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is ooohhh...sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

5.  Thanksgiving free association!  I still don't understand this.

6.  Thanksgiving is good times. Not as big a deal to me as Christmas. My hometown doesn't have a movie theatre, so I never got to go to the big city and watch a movie on Thanksgiving like other kids. Since we've lived in medium and big cities, we tend to watch a movie in the theatre sometime on Thanksgiving. The sad thing is, it's one of like 3 times out of the year we actually go to the theatre. I get antsy in those seats.  

7.  I am thankful for  at this moment....the fact that we sold our house. Nate just text me and we are officially fall through protected. For those of y'all who haven't moved with a large company, "fall through protected" means the dude can back out before officially signing the papers to buy the house and the relocation company will buy the house from us for that price. So, we're in the clear. 2 months on the market we sold our house. Lord've mercy, we are so very thankful. Oh, and of course I'm thankful for my friends, family, and coworkers. Duh! I am truly so, so blessed to have each of you in my life.

For those of you who are thinking you want to move somewhere just to get away, please come to Thompsons Station, TN. Or Spring Hill. Or Nashville (Nashvul) proper. Best place to live, right behind Oklahoma. Tennessee is a melting pot of people and cultures. I love it. I just love it.

Doesn't that look so inviting?

Come on, join in. Everyone's doing it! Head over to the little things we do and check it out.

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Melissa said...

Ah, what a nice post about Nashville! And even though we never met, you will be missed here...and I have to say that I totally agree with you! Nashville is AWESOME! I have only lived one other place, so I thought maybe it was just different than where I came from and that's why I like it...however, you've lived a few place, and you still like it! =) Good luck with the move!