Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I'm loving that I actually went shopping for maternity dresses for my shower this weekend.  There are not many options...

I also went shopping for diaper bags. There are hundreds that all look the same to me. But that's ok! (By the way, those are ALL diaper bags. On every shelf.)

I'm loving that I can still put on this size small skirt. It doesn't really fit. You can't tell, but I have it pulled up to the high heavens. I suppose that makes it appropriate for church.

 this was from 27 wks, 1 day (Sunday)

I'm loving that my boss lady is finished filming her Food Network show. I've hardly had a chance to talk to her the past 2 weeks. I want her back!

I'm loving that my baby shower is this weekend! I can't wait to celebrate Baby B!

I'm loving that I've gotten to go to the pool recently. My friend Haley is a labor and delivery nurse, so she doesn't judge my belly :). Plus she has a super cute daughter, so she understands this whole pregnancy thing bc she's been through it herself!

I'm loving that last night Nate kept making me go outside with him and watch the lightening show. It was before the storms started here, but we had CRAZY lightening. I mean crazy. He would make me go out back and watch it. Then I'd sit down for a few minutes, and he'd make me walk out front to watch it. It was fun :)

Head over to Jamie's blog and play along!

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Cute dresses! When Haley gets back we need to sun together...I was busy every time she asked last week! :(