Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Things

1. I big fluffy pink heart Blake Shelton.


He lives in Oklahoma. He's like 7 feet tall. I follow him on twitter and he makes me laugh.

2. I still haven't taken pics of anything from my shower because our upstairs air conditioner is not working. I took everything to the baby's room (Nate Dawg will not say the work "nursery"). It is one million degrees up there and I refuse to walk up the stairs until the air conditioner is fixed. The guys finally came 2 days ago to fix it and it's not fixed. They're coming back today. I'm gonna walk outside all big and pregnant and tell them it needs to be fixed because they're just hurting the baby. They better fix it this time.

3. I love my job.

4. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and officially uncomfortable. I'm hot. I get full really easily. I'm front heavy. I feel like my belly is some accessory that I can't do anything with.

Over the next 10 weeks my belly will get muuuuch bigger and I will be muuuuuuuuch more uncomfortable.

My complaining is over.


5. Here's the  forecast for Broken Arrow, OK

It could be worse, right?
Mostly SunnyMostly SunnySunnyMostly Sunny
Mostly SunnyMostly SunnySunnyMostly Sunny

1 comment:

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I'm a huge Blake fan now! Love him! No AC for the pregnant mommy? Crazy!! Hang in there for 10 more weeks, it will be worth you have a choice, but it sounds nice! haha!