Monday, October 25, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Is it Monday again already?

-Elizabeth had her baby girl Saturday night! She came all on her own. Wylie Grace was born at 8:12pm. She weighed 7lbs and was 20 inches long.

How precious is she??

-I visited my friend Paula yesterday. I mentioned that her son Charlie fell 20 feet from a balcony 2 weeks ago. Well, he looks amazing. The before pictures are ridiculous. He looks so, so good now. He's not back to normal by any means, but he has improved so much. They still have a long road ahead with the traumatic brain injury. They have stayed so, so positive during this hard situation.

-Parent/Teacher Conferences are tomorrow from 4-7. I live far enough away from the school that I can't come home for an hour between school and P/T Conferences. Sigh. So to waste time, I think I'll go get my flu shot. Doesn't that sound exciting?

-I've been wanting red velvet cookies. So I made the dough and it's still sitting in the mixer. I keep walking over and eating a spoonful, then going back to the couch. I want the cookies made, but I don't want to make them. Little help please?

-I had a dream last night that Carrie Underwood married one of Nate Dawg's friends from college. This friend, who does not exist, was apparently in lots of Nate's classes and Nate helped him get an A in class. So we were at this wedding reception, I was pretty much stalking her, then she gave in and became my friend. But apparently I intimidated her so much that she was scared not to be my friend.

Maybe I should be a little less obsessed with the girl.

-Norman just ran outside barking. Then I smelled a skunk. I didn't see one, but now I smell like a skunk. This is no bueno.

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