Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday-Christmas Ornaments!

I started this Tuesday. I'm finishing it Wednesday. So sue me.

All of our Christmas stuff is in storage. Again, sue me.

1. One of my kindergarten students got me an ornament that looks like this

I was so exctited when I got it. We were living in Texas and the little girl and her family were from Chicago. But they always talked football with me. I went right home and put it on our tree.

2. My new favorite Christmas ornament is from my friend Elizabeth. We talked about the "First Christmas" ornaments folks get when they get married. Nate Dawg and I did not get one. So she had a cutie one made for us and gave it to me right before we moved. This isn't our "First Christmas" ornament, but has some very lifelike pics of Nate Dawg, Me and Norman.

I am aware of my awesome photography skills. 

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Elizabeth said...

So, i am an emotional mess. totally just cried for the 3rd time today and it is 8 am. you picked the wrong time to move!

ms. lester introduced your replacement at the faculty meeting yesterday afternoon. and then announced you were working for pioneer woman and were glad to be back in ok close to family. i still like to make believe part of you wants to be here. when she said you had moved i pumped my fist in the air and said curses. she thought i was celebrating-wrong.

clanton still has a beard, weird.

brother does not, thankfully.

wylie can smile, and does a lot.

Nonie says mama, nonstop.

miss you. wish we could go on a walk. however, it was in the teens this morning.

glad you like your ornament, i almost put nate dawg, mogyver and norman. but i went traditional. please ignore all punctions in this comment. i have no control. wylie was up from 2:30-4. super. love you.