Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So What Wednesday


SO What If...

-I participated in Top 2 Tuesday on Wednesday
-I backed into a tree last Friday. It came out of nowhere!
-I lied. The tree has been there for like 150 years. And I knew it was there. And I still hit it. And it cost me $100 to fix my tail light. 
-I don't want to pay the $500+ to fix my fender. The scratch is not THAT noticeable. 
-I'm super upset that I finally discovered Scentsy's leather smell and they discontinued it.
-I haven't bought 1 Christmas present yet.
-I'm reading in a wedding next week and I have nothing to wear. Literally. I did not pack 1 dress. All of our stuff is in storage. Must. Go. Shopping.
-I also have not picked up a wedding gift or a bachelorette gift for my friend that's getting married next wknd.
-I am beyond pale. Guess I'll have to do another spray tan before this wedding.
-I farted on Nate last night. Allegedly. I took Benadryl after having 3 nights of terrible sleep. I fell asleep on the couch, butt pointed in his directions. He was sort of laying on me and I alledgedly farted. Pretty much right in his face.
-I do not remember that, therefore it did not happen.
-I forgot to bring my dad's birthday card, as well as a few other birthday cards I bought with us to Oklahoma. They are stored away with the rest of our crap. I had to rebuy many birthday cards. And I sent them late.
-I hate sending birthday cards late.

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week? Head over to Mama Dew's blog and preach on!

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J. said...

THEY DISCONTINUED LEATHER?!?! Oh, this makes me very, very sad.