Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So What Wednesday


SO What if...

-I got a peel on Monday. I want to scratch my face off. I know it's totally worth it AFTER the peel, but during the peel...I hate it.
-I am currently questioning my sanity (due to peel).
-I'm taking Norman to a new groomers tomorrow. I'm nervous. He hasn't been to one since we moved to Tulsa. I'm an overprotective dog mom. I mean, look at this face:

-My 27th birthday is January 7. That is not old by any means, but it's just older than what I'm used to. Duh.
-We talked to my big brother on Christmas day. He is a doctor in the Air Force and is in a far away country. He was flying over a very dangerous country while on the phone with us. Since he has been gone I've had the weirdest dreams. All taking place in far away countries. Each dream ends up with us (Amuuuuricans) being super happy and lucky that my brother is on our side. I'm proud he's on our team.
-He told us he will be coming home in the next week or so, but he will have to go back to the far away land in May. I'm not ok with this-but I am glad he is on our side.
-We close on our house next Thursday. So ready to be in our place. Here's a pic of the front:
I love it.

-Everytime I play this game, I think of the SNL skit where they're making fun of The View. Fred Armisen dresses up like Joy Behar and says, "So what?" in that crazy east coast accent.

Head over to Mama Dew's blog and tell her what you're saying SO WHAT to.


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I've never had a peel before, I probably need one though! lol! Yea for Joe Clay being a hero!! AND I LOVE your new house!! So cute! Where is it?

Erin said...

New house new house so excited for youuuuuuuuu! I know you miss your bubba. He's been on our minds too;)xoxo