Monday, September 13, 2010

We'll try this again...

People keep asking me why I don't blog. I tried once. See above post. That was a while ago.

On another note, there was a bomb threat at the HS next to the school where I teach. So all 2,000 students from the HS came to the middle school for most of the afternoon. We have about 1,100 students at the middle school. It was nuts. I teach a pretty severe Special Education Class, and we had at least 35 students in the room, all severe. It was a tough day. At one point we had about 50 people in my room, including, but not limited to: students, teachers, assistants, peer tutors, random people...and we're used to 15 at the most. Just another manic Monday?

What they thought was a bomb, was actually some PVC pipe filled with sand. But the bomb squad was called in, then students texted parents, parents came and were crazy rude. I understand they were stressed, but if their children had been following the rules and wouldn't have had their cell phones w/them, they wouldn't have been worried so much bc teenagers tend to exaggerate. Duh.

Last random thing for the moment: How does my dog always lay his head on a pillow? He's a funny, funny dog, as evidenced by the pics below:

Awww...Norman! Isn't he precious???

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