Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Linking up with Carissa today

*We had friends from Tennessee come in this past weekend. I'm exhausted. We had so much fun and of course I didn't take any pics.

*My brother, Paul, is getting married this week. None of us are invited. And I don't blame him. He and his fiance Laura are going to Vegas to get hitched, then flying into Tulsa Thursday night. We finally get to meet the little lady. Very excited for him!

*My other brother, Joe Clay, will be flying into Tulsa August 2. He's been deployed for the past few months. yay!

*I'm ready for the 3 of us to be together again. I don't think we've been together since Christmas 2009.

*My bff Brandi will have a 1 year old this Thursday. Her daughter, Cailyn, turns 1 July 28.

Seriously, how cute is this kid?

*I had false labor for a good hour yesterday. Not cool, baby. I had this sudden urge to, uh...go to the bathroom. Brandi sent me a pic of why this was happening:

*And here's a pic of Kevin from The Office signing my baby belly

*And also one of Jason Kidd and Ray Ramano


The Sweet Life said...

I know how hard it is being away from your family. I know you are so excited to see your brother who has been deployed and to meet your new sister-in-law. Happy Monday!

Erin said...

Wow! Your bros have been busy!!! I bet everyone is excited to see them and meet Paul's new addition to the family...and Baby B too! YAY!

carissa said...

whoa... starstruck! : ) how cool. i'm so happy you'll be reunited with your bro's soon. that's awesome!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

That will be so fun to get to hang out with your brothers again! I still cant' believe Paul is getting married...tell him I said congrats! I love kevin from the office! Does he talk normal in real life?

Jax said...

ha! I love that they signed your belly! That's freaking fantastic! And uh... I couldnt imagine something pressing on that area of my body! yikes!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Look how great you look!!!