Friday, April 15, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   My favorite daily responsibility is waking up. I love it most days. :)

2.  My least favorite daily responsibility is running errands. But, that is the majority of my job. Since the errands are rarely for me, I don't feel accomplished when I'm finished. 

3.  My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is Mexican food. We always have Mexican food. 
4.  My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is Italian. And I love when Nate makes it, not me. grilled chicken with bowtie pasta. Yum.

5.  Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is teaching the most amazing kids with the best people in Columbia, TN for a year and 1/2. Oh, and working for the newest Food Network Star, Ree Drummond. Oh yeah, that :)

6.  If I could have 3 wishes I would wish 
1. Go back to my regular body (with bigger boobs) after this baby.
2. Have weather where Nate can golf everyday of the year. 
3. Never lose touch with my friends.

7.  My biggest pet peeve is  inconsiderate/rude people. Just use your manners. Pleases and thank yous go a long way.

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1 comment:

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I'm not a fan of running errands either. So nice of you to use a wish on Nate...pretty sure mine would all be for me! lol!