Monday, January 3, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

-I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before (that's me being sarcastic), but I am so, so, so ready to be in our house. 
-I want our king size pillow top mattress instead of the full size bed where we currently sleep.
-I'm ready for my size coffee cups instead of these itty bitty things:

I take one gulp and it's all gone. All gone!
-I'm ready to hang more than 5 shirts in the closet because I'm sharing that small space with Nate Dawg. And since he works a job where they really care what he wears, he gets to hang up his nicely dry cleaned clothes.
-I'm ready to let Norman out the back door, instead of walking him outside to pee every morning when it's 18 degrees.
-On another note, I'm not really doing a New Year Resolution. I mentioned that here. BUT, I did say I would try to blog 3x/week. I'm also going to run a minimum of 20 miles/week. I used to be able to run 10-12 miles at a time, no problemo. I've gotten away from running for whatever reason. I ran 4.62 miles yesterday and it felt sooo good. My legs are killing me today because I ran a few miles at a 7% incline. (You burn more calories when you run at an incline). Only 15.38 miles left to run this week!
-I got my hair done Friday. The lady I went to is so fun! I put some red in with the blonde. I wanted to add some sass. Mama like.
-We met some friends for dinner in Owasso on NYE. Then went back to their house where Nate Dawg and I had water. Neither of us were feeling like drinking at all. Then we went back to his parents' house. His dad was gone, so we were hanging out with his mom and his brother and his brother's gf. Good times.
-I was asleep before midnight on NYE.
-I was asleep at 8:30 the next day. DURING the Fiesta Bowl. DURING OU's win. I was so tired.
-OU won! Yay!
-Oklahoma State and TU won their bowl games!
-Oklahoma boys know how to play some football!
-I firmly believe in the saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Ok that's all. Head over to Carissa's blog and play along.



J. said...

You fell asleep during the Fiesta Bowl?!? You MUST have been tired.
At least you woke up to a Sooner victory! This is more-than-likely my little brother's last year to work for the team (something about pharmacy school being too time consuming, blah, blah...) so the game marked the last time I'll be seeing him on the sidelines. It made me sad! :( But the win made it a little easier to accept.

Joni said...

i know what you mean. we are a family of eight living in a 4 bedroom house and it is cramped. we are ready to get into our new house too.