Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday...things you've learned from your parents or grandparents.

1. A couple who prays together stays together.
Nuff said.

2. Laugh.
Why take things so seriously? Life is a good time.

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on February 7. I like to think they know what they're talkin about. :)

Head over to Taylor's and play along!


Lauren said...

Amen Amen! I love both of these. Congrats to your parents for 35 years!

Tiff said...

Prayer works! It makes a marriage so much stronger. Love it!! Stoppin by from Tay's

Anonymous said...

"The couple that prays together stays together" is that a saying? My parents/grandparents tell me the same thing! Laughter is HUGE too. Found you at the link up. Cute blog!